I’m Kaitlyn Kochany. I’m a writer, an evaluator, a consultant, and a citizen. I describe my work these days as a storyteller. I work with clients on their narrative needs—from feature articles to scrupulously researched annual reports— to create two types of writing: context and content.

When I’m wearing my context hat, I work with evaluation consultants and their clients to conduct evaluation work, including interviews, surveys, focus groups, literature reviews, evaluation frameworks, and document production like notes and reports. I also assist in the development of new programs that serve people like newcomers, women, and children. Our clients in this area include municipalities, non-profits, health services, environmental organizations, organizations serving women who have experienced domestic violence, and others in the service and helping fields.

When I’m working in the content side of things, you can count on me to produce excellent writing and journalism. I typically focus on people that envision a better world, who love their work, and who have something interesting to say. I’ve written for international, national and local websites, magazines, and my own personal blog.

What unites these two streams is a strong focus on themes, growth, and understanding. I want to provide my clients with a clearer and better picture of their world.

Feel free to look at my past writing work, or contact me at kaitlyn [dot] kochany [at] gmail [dot] com to say hello!